Interior Design Trends of 2019

As Autumn is making an appearance, you’ve opened the shutters and turned from the sunny outside world only to see that what’s inside has been a little neglected all summer and deserves some tender care as well. If your furniture has seen better days and your floors have developed some rough edges, find your favourite rug (or purchase a new one on our site) and take a peek at our favourite interior design trends that are both popular and will make your home unique.


Using Different Shades of the Same Colour

What’s beautiful about the below photo is the simple, clean feeling it creates for yours, and your guests eyes to drink in. If you do decide to follow a colour scheme of different shades and hues, don’t feel like you have to completely follow the rule.

If you do add in a different colour to the room other than the blues you’ve been using, make it a contrasting colour. A colourful area rug and some throw pillows will boldly define your personality and become the conversation piece at your next gathering.


Designing by Instinct

Some of the greatest interior design masterpieces were put together by spur of the moment choices and feelings toward specific items that ended up pulling everything together perfectly at the end. 2019 is seeing some amazing individuality and whimsical designs that mirror the homeowner’s unique personality. Alexis Rodgers and Pam Mamourian told Forbes “I believe it's a reaction to the current political climate and a step into a post television design show period. This will take shape through a variety of ideas and forms, but be prepared to see more individuality, warmth, and personality expressed in interiors this year.”


Colourful Everything. Even Appliances 

It’s not just furniture and artwork on the walls that people are making a statement with colour. Appliances, such as your stove, fridge, and electric mixer, are all adding huge splashes of colour to your boring kitchen. Admit it, you’re willing to spend more money on something if it means it’s in your favourite colour. The retro feeling will always be in style, and a splash of colour is the perfect monument to an amazing kitchen. Don’t forget the rug to match!


Connecting with Nature and Your Inner-Self 

2019 is the year that humans are getting back into nature; becoming known as “biophiliacs.” The market for custom made items created by our local neighbours, plants, and natural products are booming, and mainstream items bought from big box stores are slowly losing popularity. Reach out to the businesses in your city to find clever and unique items to add to your interior-design plan (or no plan, we’re not judging).


Bold and Rich Patterns

Green is the colour of 2019. Throw it into a bold, edgy patterned (something with tight, strong geometric shapes and lines) rug - and you’ve got yourself a living room! Mismatched, layered patterns, such as diamonds on the curtains and shaded squares on the bed, is actually an amazing mix that will keep your mood happy, and your cat dizzy, for the rest of the year. You can have an eclectic style that still looks like you have the perfect spot for everything. Geometrics are becoming more popular around the house - try a backsplash (yes, they’re back in!) like the one pictured here.


Eye-Catching Entrance Ways


Where once homeowners would design the rest of their house and leave a simple shoe rack near the door, they are not noticing that the first thing guests see when they enter your home should have a lasting impression. Hide that shoe rack in the front closet where it belongs and start adding a few details to your front doorway. Use bold, dark or mixed coloured carpets that will catch the eye and still last a little longer without the need to vacuum up that extra dirt brought in each day. You can add a little fun to your home by using bright colours that will instantly perk up anyone who enters.

However you decide to design your home, make sure you surround yourself with things that make you happy. If certain colours don’t mix well with your moods, don’t use them. If you love that painting of Superman above your fireplace, keep it. The best designs are ones that come from the heart and don’t follow every rule and trend to a tee.

What is your favourite interior design trend of 2019? Let us know in the comments.

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