Flat Weave Rugs in Australia

Flat weave rugs are popular in Australia. Why? They're durable, withstand harsh climates, cost effective, easy to pack up and move around, and perhaps most importantly - the construction method used when making flat weave rugs allows for some truly interesting design.

Did you know leather and jute can be combined to make exciting textures and looks? This has been done in the Atrium Delta range.

3 rug examples
Atrium Delta is the continuation and exploration of our extremely popular Atrium collection, which focuses entirely on flat-weave rug creations. As of late, Rug Culture has been branching out and experimenting with materials away from it's usual choice of Jute within this collection, but Leather too. Not entirely unheard of, as cow hide rugs have been a thing for a long time now - but to place this material within a traditionally rectangular sized rug has only been a development in recent times.

As you can see from the corner shot here, the delta rug is quite unique and with materials placed almost unevenly across the width of the rug. This is intentional and creates a charming effect and individual style to this particular range. The textural effect this creates is also intentional and lends further to the character of this range which is soft, yet firm. Oh and it's also available in runner rug sizing!


Next, our Skandi collection features amazingly varied textures, looks and unique feel. A rainbow of woollen colours in the 300 Multi rug combine to form something unexpected and beautiful.
Another entry - Cuba, shows off some very interesting stitching that balances perfectly with the brown tone of the base of the rug.

100% wool and another great example of what can be done with flat-weave rugs. All flat-weave rugs are quite easy to vacuum, double sided, and easy to roll up/move/pack away depending on the occasion or season.





Spirit is a very broad range in terms of solid colour and patterns. Offering a few bohemian style rugs, this range focuses on chevron and diamond patterning and within each particular pattern - a large range of bright solid colours that just look stunning on the floor. We love the crispness of this collection. It's simple, bold, bright and everything a flat-weave rug should be.

As mentioned, we love the simple style of this rug that does what it was created to do very well. A simple high quality flat-weave rug that perfectly fills the need of a room begging for some bold colour to liven it up a little.

We should also mention that this particular collection is made from recycled Cotton - and with that come different properties to wool. A different type of softness and the ability to hold bright colour in a special way. Not to mention eco-friendly!

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