Morris & Co (William Morris) Designer Collection

The rich history of Morris & Co is evident through their classically inspired designs. Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co was established in 1861 as a furnishings and decorative arts manufacturer and retailer. Headed by the aspiring artist and designer William Morris, one wonders what he would think if he knew his company would still be a leading authority on design well over 100 years later!

The company was renamed to Morris & Co in 1975 and shortly after became a popular medieval inspired designer, respected in hand-craftsmanship and the textile arts. These designs had a huge influence on the decoration and design of churches and houses well into the early 20th century.
In 1878, Morris took an interest to hand-knotting carpet, which was not practiced in Britain during this era. As he had done previously with other arts, he desired to bring back old forms of creation, essentially bringing the art-form back to its roots. His goal here was to bring back the mysteries and culture of foreign lands to the markets of Britain. Morris started with small rugs at home, and then started to produce 'Hammersmith' rugs in 1879 which were intended to be a direct comparison of cheaper rugs at the time.
In 2011, Morris & Co celebrated its 150th anniversary by releasing a new collection of archive based prints, along with a collection inspired by the life of William Morris. Given art and crafts current trend, Morris has been able to reach new audiences as one of the leading authorities on this topic and continues to distribute to over 60 countries world-wide.
When browsing through this collection expect a classic vintage look with subdued vegetable dye inspired colours and authentic feels designed to complement a multitude of environments. With such a rich history, these designs have stood the test of time and have only become even greater in quality with the improvement of materials and production. 
Complete the look you have always wanted. Create a room or house that you will look forward to coming back to every day and most importantly, let these rugs captivate your creativity and allow you to design rooms filled with elegance and class.

Morris & Co (William Morris) Designer Collection
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