Advice To Make Buying Shag Rugs Online Easy

Advice To Make Buying Shag Rugs Online Easy

Buying rugs online isn't always easy. You need to have confidence in the colour, quality, material, design and also perhaps the most important of all - the sizing. We try to provide as many images of our rugs as possible to help with this decision prior to purchase, but there's still some margin for error.

Today we'll be focusing on shag rugs, the different kinds, a few of the collections we have on offer and their differences, and how best to decide which is right for you.


The shaggy rugs on our website come in three main materials being microfibre, polypropylene, and wool. Shag floor coverings of the wool variety but can be very pricey which doesn't quite fit in with our theme of cheap carpet options. For high-quality designer shag rugs, we'd recommend checking out Catwalk Rugs.

Microfibre rugs are quite popular here due to their extremely soft nature and being very thin. Also interestingly, microfibre has good heat retention properties which is probably something you want in a shaggy carpet. In fact, microfibre has started to be used in outdoor camping gear as a replacement to down feathers due to its ability to perform better under different environmental circumstances. 

Their ability to hold colour is great - and you'll often see microfibre shag rugs in a variety of bright bold fun colours as it's hard to pass up the opportunity to do so with this fibre.


The colour of shags, you'll usually find, is that of a single solid without much or any patterning - with the exception of a few collections such as Cosmo. All materials used in shaggy floor coverings are good at holding colour, with fading being very rare and pretty much unheard of. The majority of shag pile carpets won't really be kept in extremely sunny areas too, which further helps.

cosmo shag rug

When looking at the colour of one of our rugs online, it's best to check the additional images we provide, such as the corner shot. Far away flat shots of the entire carpet don't really give you the best idea of the colour of the strands. Again, we recommend if you're thinking of buying a rug with us - check every image first! The other important thing to take note of is the sizing.


We very rarely have returns here based on the quality of our products. The only reason rugs are normally returned at all is if the sizing is incorrect.

Before buying with us, try using a long tape measure to mark out the space of one of our commonly used sizes such as 300 x 200 cm or 240 x 180 cm - whichever you think will be the closest match. From there you'll get a much better idea if the size you're about to buy will suit your space.

If there is no fault with the rug, then you'll be charged on average $29.95 for returns so it's best to get it right the first time by taking a few extra minutes to check your sizing!

The Shag Rug Collections

Cosmo is one of our more popular shag pile collections that is one of the rare few that contains patterning. Focusing on beige and brown, this range is cost effective, durable and is quite the contrast to some of our other brighter shaggy styles. View the full collection here:


notes shagNotes is another iconic brand at cheapest rugs online, and while it's hard to judge - it may be our most popular shag carpet. The reasons for this being its price, material, trending design and the size of the collection being able to offer something for anyone.

The last of our shag rug collections that offer patterns, it's solids from here on out!

pandora shagPandora is simple, modern, stylish. Available in some cool solid colours that are perfect for making a statement in your home and being a focal point of a room.

Made from the same material as the Notes carpets, this close relative is another favourite of our customers here.

orlando shagOrlando is a very interesting shag rug collection that isn't too soft but makes up for that by being probably the most durable carpet we have and providing an exciting and interesting texture underfoot. Different coloured strands blend to add to the dynamic nature of this rug! 

These are our top picks this season for shag rugs, but be sure to check out the entire category at too!


Still undecided? Check out some of these plush rug styles on Houzz to get your creative juices flowing!

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