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Everybody loves a good Shag! These rugs were the icon of the 60's where every home had at least one shaggy rug proudly on display. What was all the hype about? It's because shag rugs have a stunning texture fit perfectly for the colourful and vibrants times of the era. Fast forward over half a century and these rugs are making a huge comeback for the non shedding, easy to care for and plush practicalitiy these rugs have earned their place as one of the top selling rugs of modern times. 

Here's 5 reasons why you need a shag to transform your house into a cozy home:

  1. Pile Height/Length - Comfort at your fingertips with it's gorgeous texture and feeling underfoot. 
  2. Plush - Unbelievably soft, almost fluffy-like texture creates a sense of coziness for any space it occupies. 
  3. Colour - Available in a array of different colours to suit almost any decor. 
  4. Easy Care - Non shedding, easy to clean and low maintenance characteristics. 
  5. Affordability - For the price and quality these rugs offer an unbeatable price point for this much comfort.