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Scandi (Scandinavian) Rugs and interiors are all about finding the balance among colours, styles and textures that convey a timeless simplicity or minimalism and follow follow functionality - all weaved into one. Scandinavian designed rugs over the years have made their way into the 'Rug Spotlight' for their simple styles and trend setting characteristics. Featured key advantages of Scandi Rugs include: 

  1. Clean and Modern Designs
  2. Striking simplicity grants a light & spacious look to any decor. 
  3. Affordable and very cost effective. 
  4. Organisation conscious, promoting a clutter free environment. 
  5. Neutral tones and colour palettes makes Scandinavian Rugs easy to mix and match in your decor. 

Finally, most Scandi Rugs are extremely well made and constructed of natural fibre rugs such as wool, viscose, jute and cotton are the most popular choices. The fibres are mostly handwoven to create intricate, timeless pieces. Complimentary natural materials such as plants or wooden furniture in homes work seamlessly with any Scandinavian rug.