Jute Rugs

Jute is a very unique material for a rug that provides a totally different look and feel with its main selling points being natural, soft and durable. You'll find that the colours within Jute rugs are normally simple and solid but also very vibrant and bright. Jute holds colour very well as most plant based fibres do, but is unable to have intricate pattern or design.

A renewable eco-friendly source, Jute is popular especially during the summer time and in certain areas of the house such as balcony, sunny room, or very high traffic areas due to it's ease of cleaning.

Jute rugs are popular in round, runner and rectangular forms - with the Atrium range coming in all three shapes. If other rug materials aren't doing it for you and you want something a little bit different that will turn heads, have a browse through our natural fibre jute collection.

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61 results
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