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Get the Best Carpet/Rug Underlays in Australia

To prevent your rugs or carpets from slipping and to enhance the comfort of your floors, Cheapest Rugs Online has a range of underlay options to choose from. Our selection brings in everything from simple to more premium types of rug and carpet underlays.


All of our underlays for rugs on wooden floors or any other rugs are designed to be non-slip, sound absorbable, and safe for use for almost any corner of your home or workplace. Superior and crafted from top-quality elements that are odorless, free of harmful substances, and leave no residue, our underlays will give a new life to your existing collection of rugs for years to come. For further information on each solution, simply click on the links provided below.

Should I Get an Underlay for My Rug?

You may think that an underlay for rug pad or carpet for your Australian home is optional, but we recommend it. An underlay can give you many benefits, such as making your carpet more comfortable, attractive and durable. It can also help you save money in the long run by preventing your carpet from getting damaged. If you have spent a lot on your carpet, you want to get the most out of it.

The only downside of having an underlay is that you have to change it from time to time when it wears out. But that’s better than changing your carpet often, don’t you agree?

Best Reasons to Get Rug Overlays

An underlay can help you protect both your carpet and your floor. The carpet’s anti-slip surface can scratch or damage the floor, but an underlay can stop that from happening. It can also cushion the floor from the impact of daily walking. The underlay can make your carpet last longer and feel softer and more comfortable. It can also make it easier to clean your carpet by keeping the piles in good shape and helping you get rid of dust. Plus, an underlay can lower the noise from footsteps, which is great if you want to be respectful of your neighbors.

What Rug Overlay is Best for You?

Before you buy a carpet underlay in Australia, you should know the different types and what they can do for you. This is especially important if you are shopping online. Foam is a common type of underlay that gives you a soft and cozy feel, as well as keeping your floor warm.

But it may lose its shape over time and need to be replaced often. Rubber is another type of underlay that is less soft but still good for soundproofing and carpet protection. But some cheap ones may wear out quickly and fall apart. Felt is a high-quality type of rug or carpet underlay made of wool that is strong and resilient to furniture marks, but it may not feel very comfortable under your feet.

Interested in buying best rugunderlays in Australia? Let us help you choose the best one. Select the underlay that best suits your space, and we’ll help you deliver the one without shipping charges. Order now.


  • Can be cut with scissors to any size or shape
  • Rubber Mesh will not discolour or damage your floor underneath
  • Makes Vacuuming easier by holding rug in place
  • Extends life of rug by preventing buckling

Just pick your flooring type and select a recommended size slightly smaller than your rug size and you're all set. This product along with all items on Cheapest Rugs Online ships free Australia wide.