Australian Outdoor Rug Guide

Australian Outdoor Rug Guide

Outdoor Rug trends within Australia focus mostly on materials that can withstand the at times harsh Australian climate. For this reason a few special matierials are used such as heat set polypropylene and recycled pvc.
The backing is the defining factor in most of our outdoor rug ranges as if the backing is not suitable for the outdoors, even if the material used to make the rug is okay for the outdoors - the rugs durability will suffer for it.

Lets look at a couple of outdoor ranges and go through their different properties...



Coastal is a thin rug made from recycled pvc that doesn't have your usual rug fibres strands and is not soft to the touch. In fact, coastal will look like a very well made beach mat to most and can easily be used as such.

A double sided reversible rug that is waterproof and with colours that will never run, this rug is UV stable and holds colour very well with repeated exposure to the sunlight.

 coastal beach rug

A rug with a unique feel and look, which is actually quite required in order for it to be suitable for a range of different environments. Available in a range of colour and patterning (we suggest blue for the beach!).



While Marquee isn't really recommended for the beach, this rug is still very suitable for outdoor use and has been a very popular range at Cheapest Rugs Online.
Again available in a huge range of colours and design, this collection is made from heat set polypropylene - with water literally sliding off the fibre strands making it easy to clean and maintain. Not only that, but this fibre resists mould and mildew.

rug culture marquee outdoor rug

The weight is lighter than wool too, making it easier to roll up and move around. A versitile rug with a backing suitable for outside



Alfresco, whilst similar in terms of material to the marquee range - is vastly different in design and takes a more natural earthy and green approach. The name of this collection literally means 'located in the open air' and is one of the newer rug culture additions to Cheapest Rugs Online.

alfresco outdoor rugs

Alfresco features a short pile that is also easy to clean and maintain. Perfect for adding a natural touch to a balcony or pool-side, a quiet yet memorable statement piece that will help define a setting. Like Marquee and Coastal, don't be too afraid to get Alfresco wet as it stands up against water very well and without issue.

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