Evoke - Transitional Styled Rug

Evoke - Transitional Styled Rug

Evoke is one of the latest rug collections to hit Cheapest Rugs Online and is doing extremely well across Australia since it's release a month ago. What makes this rug special is it's design and flexibility.

By flexibility we mean the dizzying amount of sizes, shapes, and colours it's available in that consist of round, runner and rectangle. Often times you may come across a collection you like the look of but find it's not available in a certain size or shape. If the design of Evoke is your thing, you're not going to have that problem at all!


Evoke embracing the transitional trends

Made from heat set polypropylene, these rugs are of a far higher grade than the polypropylene rugs you may see elsewhere. The heat set grade gives a much more overall quality finish and feel to the rug, while also providing durability and comfort.

Using this material doesn't raise the price too much either, and is very worth the investment over a rug in cheaper quality. As we like to say, our rugs are cheap but not in quality.

Many of the rugs within our website are brought to you by Rug Culture. A brand known for it's consistent qualitly in both design and production.

Perfect for sitting a round the house

Round rugs are great for spaces where a rectangular rug isn't quite right, or when it's just your only option. With every rectangular design you see within the Evoke range, there is both a corresponding round design and runner design of the same kind!

Evoke is the ultimate transitional rug boasting one of the largest variety of choices in a single collection seen to date.

Hallway Flooring Fashion

Hallway Flooring Rug    

We aways say never forget the hallways. They're often the entrance to a house and the gateway to many other rooms in the house. In other words, it's one of the most used pathways in your home. Why neglect that important space?

A runner rug is one of the most dramatic changing elements you can place in a hallway, so choose wisely! Rug Culture decided that the Evoke line has design perfect for the hallway and thus made it also available in runner sizing, even up to the size of 500x80cm. Quite rare!

The entire Evoke range can be viewed here.

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