Keeping your Floor Rugs Clean

Keeping your Floor Rugs Clean

Carpet cleaning is a serious business. Once you’ve invested a sizable amount into purchasing a beautiful, designer rug for your home or office you want to make sure it is kept looking clean and pristine. A lot of people choose to hire professionals to clean and maintain their carpets, as proper care can be time consuming. If you’re considering hiring a professional to maintain your favourite interior design centrepiece, some questions should first be answered.
cleaning a shag carpet rugDepending on the type, style and size of your rug, your questions may vary. If you have a natural fibre rug, the best way to clean and maintain your carpet will be very different to if you have a synthetic rug. A professional carpet cleaner will be able to help you determine the best methods and products for your particular situation, however be careful of cheaper operators who won’t care about the longevity of your rug.

Many rug owners are at the other end of the spectrum, these people do not think about the proper care and maintenance of their carpet until it becomes obviously stained, dirty, or starts to fray. These people will get a shock when they contact a professional cleaner only to find out that they should have been taking far more care of their flooring since taking ownership of it, and the costs associated with repair and a thorough cleaning.

Once rugs have been dirtied or abused to a tipping point, they often cannot be cleaned via standard cleaning methods, and professional care for rugs under such duress can be extremely costly. That said, it is important to get an industry expert to clean your rug, because improper cleaning by shoddy service providers can result in damaged carpets which will mean you’ll be out looking for a replacement one sooner.   

When reviewing potential cleaners, a good starting query should concentrate on the length of time that the company has been in the business. Normally, this will give an indication on the level of experience and expertise that the workers in the company have.

If this checks out, the next issue that should be addressed should be the service rate. Special promotional pricing may be available for new customers, and for repeat customers lower rates are commonly given in return for loyalty. Make the most of these discounts as they can add up to a large sum of money over the life of your rug.

Just as important as price, the cleaning method that will be used is also crucial. Homeowners should find out the exact cleaning process based on their specific rug type. The goal here is to determine if the method will be effective yet gentle on the rug, especially in comparison to other cleaning processes.

Many chemical formulations are generally safe, but some carry compounds that can have adverse effects on the health condition of some people, pets and the rug itself. In the case of cleaning solutions for rugs and carpets, allergic reactions are not uncommon.

Given this, if there are household members who are unable to tolerate the strong smell of chemical compounds found in many cleaning solutions, alternatives should to be looked into. One of these can be the movement of the concerned family member to the house of a friend or loved one while carpet cleaning is being done. When this option is considered, related rug cleaning questions like the waiting time for the completion of the job have to be asked so plans for temporary movement can be effectively made.

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