Nordic - A Tasseled Treasure

Nordic is quite the unique range, comprised of a variety of colour combinations and more importantly - an interesting mix of different materials depending on which rug you're looking at. Let's go through a few examples...


The Nordic Pristine Rug

Nordic Pristine is an interesting combination of both wool and polyacrylic (a blend of acrylic and polyester) that allows for both comfort and durability. Not often seen in modern rugs these days, tassels are featured to compliment the design of the rug in just the right ways, which is a highlight of many of the rugs within the Nordic collection.

Comprised of many different colours, this rug is classified as 'multi-colour' and upon close inspection you'll find an assortment of blue, red, green, yellow and many other coloured strands that make up this rugs overall look.


The Nordic Braids Rug

In contrast to the Pristine rug, the tassels are on either side within the Nordic Brands rug rather than top and bottom. A great option for those that wish to have a choice in that area.

Made from wool and jute, this rug has quite a different feel to its counterpart above, instead opting for a more eco friendly approach to flooring fashion. Jute is skillfully woven in to the rug in a way that creates the darker stripes you can see within the image above. What this does is create an interesting texture underfoot, whilst also creating an equally interesting design!


Nordic Sky Dream

As one of the few rugs within this range that don't have tassels, in order to compete with it's stylish brethren the Nordic Sky Dream rug has more materials than we've seen in a single rug before. Made from wool, viscose, cotton, jute, and art silk, we're pretty sure you've never felt a rug like this.

With multiple complimenting patterns, the Nordic Sky Dream rug presents extremely well by embodying the theme of 'different' we're seeing within this range and gives off a very hard wearing and well made feeling underfoot.

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