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What's new at Cheapest Rugs?
We're constantly getting new rug ranges in, discounting our older ones, and generally providing a huge amount of options at all price points for everyone Australia-wide. Such is the circle of life.
We find that the cool season is our best time of trade, so usually in the lead up to this - we'll be restocking our most popular rugs and getting a few new collections in too.

While all our rugs are great, trend is always changing - and we like to always keep up with it. With new ranges come new styles and some new ideas including new material compositions which in turn can bring about new and exciting textures.

Let's take a look at what are our newest rug ranges, in stock and ready to ship now!


A fitting name, along with this collection being quite special - so we're featuring it on our main page for awhile. If you're looking for a soft rug, this would be the one. Some people go for shag rugs to get that soft plush feel, but with allure - it's made from both cotton and rayon, two of the softest strands used in rugs ever! One touch, a look, and you'll be hooked.

For the most part, this range features pastel soft colours that perfectly suit the look and feel they radiate. At just 9mm, this is the perfect solution to someone wanting the softness of a shag rug without the long strands. It's easier to clean too!

A strong sturdy backing ensures that despite its softness, this is no weak rug and everything is held in place tightly and securely by skillful hand looming techniques that Rug Culture (the brand we focus on stocking) is well known for.


Above are images of some of the rugs available within this collection, along with close up depictions of the fibre. We've included another close up image on the left - just to drive the point home a little more. You can see with the mix of rayon and cotton, it has been lined up horizontally to add a bit of texture and differentiate the two different fibres being used within the rug.
This particular close up shot is of the Allure Sky Blue rug.

An amazing new collection, worth checking out here.

New Anastasia Designs

Anastasia has been a wildly successful transitional collection, so it stands to reason that we'd be wanting to add to its success by refreshing it with seven new on trend designs for 2017. Focusing this time around on dark, earthy tones - the anastasia collection has now what we believe to be a perfect balance of colour and design, enough to now finally call this range complete.

Anastasia is power loomed with heat set polypropylene, allowing for great durability but also a remarkable softness that you won't get with the old style of polypropylene.
There's a world of difference between the two, with many not being able to tell the difference between modern heat set polypropylene and wool.

A 10mm pile height with Anastasia puts it at around standard thickness - appropriate for this style of rug and allowing the patterning to really shine through.

 The transitional style is somewhere between traditional and modern. It fills a certain gap and a need for a space that begs for traditional but when the detailed patterning and overall look may be a little too much. These rugs therefore blend quite easily with both traditional room settings and modern settings.

We love this collection as it has so much to give and with seven new designs, it's now roughly double the love! See them all here.



Gypsy is a very interesting range. A small collection of rugs that have a unique style all of their own not seen in any other range. An interesting mix of materials that vary from rug to rug - so lets break them down one by one.


The Gypsy 8601 Gold rug is made from cotton and flatwoven into the tasselled handmade masterpiece you see before you. A brown and gold styling that places itself firmly in the root of fashion trends this 2017 and embodies the term 'what's old is new' by giving us a traditional look with modern trends.

The cotton within this rug gives it quite a unique feel, along with requiring skill to handmake. The difference between a power loomed rug and a hand made is quite noticeable - and lends to more 'unique and special' feeling to the creation. In essence, every handmade rug is different and to be treasured.

The Gypsy 8603 White rug is quite different to the rug above, despite the similarity of the tassels. Firstly, it's made from wool, viscose and cotton. This interesting mix, seen and most apparent within the horizontal lines througout the rug, add an interesting element and texture to an already beautiful design.

Also hand made and brought to you by Rug Culture. The Gypsy range only has 4 entries, but packs a powerful punch! Next up are the circular designs.

Blue and round, with intricate traditional design balances this collection. Round rugs with this level of beautiful detail aren't easy to find, so we're very happy to present this rug available to buy at Cheapest Rugs Online.

Another flatweave rug made from cotton and skillfully hand braided in India.

This is one beautiful round rug. With all the same properties as above, but with a crisp white design. As the last entry in the Gypsy collection, we feel it's one of the most special so be sure to check it out!

The full Gypsy range can be found here but due to its popularity stock is limited until the end of May 2017. 

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