Summer Trend: The Outdoor Rug

Summer Trend: The Outdoor Rug

In vogue this year, outdoor spaces are all about natural minerals, retro-inspired style, cool soothing colors, and (the number one trend) indoor setups outside. A hot commodity to nail down this style is to invest in an outdoor rug to pull it all together. “The backyard/porch has truly become an extension of your indoor space,” says Melissa Simon, Public Relations Manager at Pier 1 Imports. Pinned all over Pinterest, outdoor rugs are being discovered by interior designers and decorators alike. Elle Decor calls them “fresh and fabulous”. Rugs can make decorating outside as simple and enjoyable as decorating inside. In 2017 the goal is to “Achieve a seamless transition between the interior and exterior spaces of your home” and an outdoor rug is one of the peak suggestions to engineer this goal.

The Summer Outdoor Rugs

We have the answer to all of your rug questions. Sourced from top suppliers and manufacturers, our site showcases a vast number of outdoor rugs to meet your needs. With free delivery over $99 spanning across the entire continent of Australia and uncomparable prices there is nowhere better to purchase your brand new floor art. While the indoor feel outside has become a popular trend this year, outdoor rugs have been on the rise in Australia specifically due to the jump in popularity of open plan/alfresco living. Our outdoor rugs offer a number of features to guarantee your satisfaction. These include durability, sun-resistance, and a large number of their rugs are made from recycled materials so you can gloat about your positive environmental impact to your friends or just for your own satisfaction of knowing you made the right decision.

Our Favorite Rug for Summer

Patio RugsOne of our favorite rugs this season is the Alfresco Indoor Outdoor Collection Natural Rug. We like it because of its clean, natural look. Features of the rug include non-shedding, UV-stable, low allergen, and easy to clean (you just hose off and let it dry in the sun, how convenient!). If natural minerals is a trend you’re aiming for, then this rug is sure to meet your needs. Another suggestion, if your intrigue comes from this years cool soothing colors trend, is to check out Coastal Indoor Outdoor Turq Rug. This rug is especially neat because it is reversible and double sided so you can flip it over at your convenience. Similar to the rug mentioned above’s features, this rug is also UV treated, waterproof, and easy to clean.  Distinctive to this rug, in addition to its double sided (double the wear!) feature, is that it features a “soft, flexible, and fully recycled PVC weave in new season colors” and eco-friendly is in! A final suggestion of rugs is the Marquee Indoor Outdoor Grey Rug. This rug sports the retro trend of 2017. This rug rocks all the features of any other quality outdoor rug (i.e. UV-protected, non shedding, highly durable, easy to clean) while adding to the outdoor ambiance creating sparkle to your space.

Benefits of Outdoor Rugs

A main benefit of the outdoor rug, expressed by is the “soft foot experience they offer”. To really seize this benefit try adding rug pads to your order.  Rugs pads will not only add additional softness but they keep rugs from slipping and are great for heavy furniture and high traffic areas. Still need more proof the outdoor rugs are all the craze? The renowned designers at who says outdoor rugs make your outdoor space more welcoming! Modular walls say the latest trend is to make the outside an extension of your indoor space and bringing traditional indoor elements to the outside (i.e. rugs) will make your outdoors feel like a room itself, rather than a patio. You’ve got our recommendations, you know the trends, and you are only an order away from transforming your outdoor space into an indoor/outdoor oasis. We have hundreds of rugs to choose from to meet your design and trend goals alike. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take a look at our fantastic outdoor rug range.

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