2017 Home Décor Trends We Love

2017 Home Décor Trends We Love

Bronze Tones

Throw out the pastel pinks and light blues. 2017 is all about warmth and classic tones. You might hear the odd “green is in” mantra also being tossed around, but we’re loving the bronze trend for this year.

It perfectly complements a few other upcoming trends that are making waves. And it has its own splash of sparkle. You’ll find it in decorative kitchen bowls, room lamps with quirky lighting, floaty silks and sensual sheers - creating a soft, romantic, and more content decorative space.

Bronze Accent

Subway Tiles

This design trend is up for debate; some say that subway tile trends are only just gaining momentum, while others are sure that it’s past its heyday. We love this trend, so we’re definitely part of the former group. 2017 will see larger tiles in different finishes and colors. 

Since matte finish is another popular 2017 trend; you can be sure that it will be combined with subway tiles to set off the somewhat harsh tone with a warmer, subtler piece that adds character to the interior. Also, look out for subway tiles in different colors – grass green, cobalt blue and golden yellow are among the more exciting colors that will be adorning trendy kitchens this year.

Matte Appliances 

Throw all your appliances out, for Matte is the new Black. It almost seems counter-trend when put up against the bold moves towards color subway tiles, mixed patterns and jewel-like tones, but the truth is that with all these slightly eccentric trends looming, our homes will need something that takes a back seat to flamboyance and focuses on blended functionality instead.

The idea with a matte finish is to allow the observer to focus on the construction of a well-crafted appliance. We know that matte finishes provide a sleek, clean look, but when it’s used on appliances a certain rustic simplicity comes out – the perfect complement to our 2017 look.   

Matte Home Trend 2017

Quirky Prints

It doesn’t have to be summer for all things tropical to take over our homes and closets. Prepare to see tropical prints, African prints, and Asian prints, all with a modern twist, pop up in in fabrics, rugs, and even framed wall art photos and decals.

The quirky prints are also a great way to give life to a dull wall by adding some vibrant color. If mixed patterns hurt thy eyes, feel free to tone it down by breaking it up into smaller pieces. If your bedroom covers are all patterned, isolate it to your throw or your pillows. 

It’s All About Lighting

This is probably our favourite design trend right now because it’s so underrated. Lighting serves a dual purpose in your home – it’s practical, and vital, of course, but it should also be seen as another way to accessorize and spruce up your interior. 

If matte appliances and quirky prints are your classic black Christian Dior dress and idiosyncratic Louis Vuitton shoes, then lighting is your subtle, but oh so effective Marc Jacobs bag. It bounces off the walls to create space and warmth, and if you’ve got some classic wall art, perhaps a painting or photograph, then your lights can make it stand out. 

Room Lighting Home Trend 2017

There’s a trend for everyone this year and some of these styles are so classic, that it will be seen well beyond 2017.

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