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Amazingly Aesthetic Berber Rugs in Australia

Berber carpets have a closed-loop style and usually come in lighter shades with little specks of darker colors, like brown or gray. What makes these trendy carpets so unique is the way they're woven, with these loops that attach to the backing without being cut. Today, you can find Berber carpets in different styles - some with specks, others with multiple colors, and even some that are just a single solid color.


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Why Get Berber Rugs and Carpets for Your Australian Home

One of the things that makes Berber carpet really stand out is its variety in styles and colors. It's no wonder they’re so popular! Adding Berber carpet to your room, home, or office can really elevate the style and overall beauty. With the way they’re woven to the colors they bring, having one in your space can really make it pop up with a distinct vibe.

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How to Care and Maintain Your Berber Rugs and Carpets

Taking care of your Berber carpet is similar to looking after any other carpet, with a few extra points to keep in mind. We recommend vacuuming it once a week, or even more often if it's in a high-traffic area. And don't forget about giving it a deep cleaning once or twice a year to keep them feeling as good as new.

When vacuuming, avoid using the beater bar. Most vacuums have an option to either swap out the vacuum head or simply turn off the beater bar when cleaning the Berber carpet. If you've got a snag in the carpet, the beater bar could catch onto the loose strand, wrapping it around and potentially causing it to unravel.

Areas that are Ideal for Regular, Beige, or Wool Berber Carpets

Choosing a Berber carpet is a popular choice for areas like the living room and bedroom. While the living room can benefit from the durability of Berber, you might want to lean towards softer fiber options or cut pile for the bedroom, giving you that extra cozy feel.

For a more formal living room setting, consider going for a solid color choice. This can help dial down the casual vibe that a multi-colored Berber might bring. Berber will also work well on stairs and around railing posts. A proper installation will ensure you won't see the carpet backing between those rows of loops.

Just remember, the key is selecting the right quality of carpet based on how much foot traffic it's going to handle.