Best Bedroom Interior Design Trends of 2018

Best Bedroom Interior Design Trends of 2018

With a trending brief to create spaces of 'comfort' and 'cosiness' by homeowners, here are some ideas our designers recommend you try.

Trending Bedroom Interior Designs for 2018

Wallpaper Comeback

If you are looking for striking bedroom interior designs, wallpaper should be your number one choice. This year has seen the comeback of wallpaper into the bedroom designs in a big way. Unlike some times when designers were constrained to four matching walls, the latest wallpaper designs are offering so much in terms of enhancing bedroom aesthetics. With the current trends in wallpaper, the homeowners are provided with a broad range of designs including big prints, coloured striped and flocked patterns. If you are to go with this trend, the size of the room will be a major factor to consider.

Wallpapers for Bedroom

The versatility of the wallpaper is the reason why it has become increasingly popular this year. You can have the entire space papered including the ceiling and the furniture to make a statement. Selecting a wallpaper design that matches the bedding will also do the trick.

Mix it Up

Matching bedrooms are quickly losing to the mix-up trend. This is a playful approach that is rapidly attracting many in this year. The versatility of the mix-up designs enables the designer to play around with everything in that room to pull off a striking look. People are moving from the all-white or matching kind of bedrooms to mixing different colours to help make a statement. You can paint different colours on the ceiling, walls or even use wallpapers to provide that different colour on the walls.

Mix it up design may also include playing around with furniture arrangement and home decors. You can bring in a new bedside table, a vintage dresser, and other pieces of furniture into the space.  You can also achieve a fantastic look by mixing bold colours on the wall with soft fabrics in the room. With this trend, you can employ your creativity to come up with what you feel makes a statement and works best for you.

Sofa Beds

This is a beautiful piece of furniture that was trending from the late 2017 but has picked up very well this year. The sofa bed is designed with the aim of creating ample space in small bedrooms by acting both as a sofa and bed. They provide a place to quietly read your book while at the same time meeting your sleeping necessities. What made this trend this year is its flexibility and versatility. It’s created in functional and elegant colour schemes that will magically transform the appearance of your sleeping space.

Sofa Bed for Bedrooms

Sofa beds can be designed to be roomy, deep and cosy. They can also offer a taste of modern style that will make a statement. If you choose this trend, just be very careful with colours. Ensure that the chosen colours will add more aesthetic value to the bedroom.

Going Green

This is unique trending colour 2018. Though many homeowners ignore green for their bedroom colour schemes, it is quickly picking up as a trend this year. It is a very versatile colour that can be applied in different formats to bring out a striking look. If you are building a new home, having the bedroom walls painted green (light green) would make a great impact on the aesthetics your interior designs. If you want to redefine your old bedroom, then you start with changing the beddings to green.

How about changing painting the furniture green if the walls are of a different colour scheme? This will work incredibly well. Bringing plants into the room is also another angle that the trend is picking. You may need an interior designer to help you get the best out of this trend.

Black and White Bedroom

The modern black and white bedrooms are definitely an interior design trend to watch this year. Their comfy and luxurious feel is the main reasons why many are going for these colours. But this is one of the designs that you need the help of an expert to help bring out a magical look. The lighting of the room must be designed in a way that it adds to the beauty and aesthetics of the space - this is something that you need an expert for.

Black and White Bedrooms

To pull off incredible aesthetics with these colours, you need to strike a balance in the way the colours are mixed. Not any colour can mix with black. You need an expert to advice on the best colours to combine so as to avoid the cave-like feel. That space should be designed in a way that it emits a friendly energy and not the other way round.

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