Ways to Make Your Home More Expensive Than It Is

Ways to Make Your Home More Expensive Than It Is

If you’re interested in showing off yo ur home and want that catalog look but are on a budget then this article is for you.  There are dozens of ways to cheaply renovate a room so it looks more expensive than it actually is. Discount items and sale items are a great way to do just that. It doesn’t matter where you buy your goods as long as you pick a palette and stick with it.

How to Make Your Home Look Good

Tess Wilson, from apartmenttherapy.com, suggests “five ways to fake fanciness without looking cheap”. Her list is simple, easy to follow, and most importantly cheap

Get the look for less

Being cost effective is key to being able to redecorate. Tess suggests buying artwork because personalized touches make a room feel more intentional (her pro tip is to shop at places like Ikea to buy super-cheap frames to pull the art together). Stick with a palette that suits you (you can easily make a room look intentional with a cohesive rug, sofa, and pillows). Tess suggests H&M $5.99 pillows that come in a variety of colors and I’d compliment them with a rug from cheapestrugsonline.com.au because they come in all sorts of style and color variations to meet any need and any budget).

Artwork Sofa and RugsHer third suggestion, which it’s surprising isn’t always obvious, is to buy less pieces. It is always cheaper to buy less and when it comes to decorating “minimalism is your friend”. By focusing on a few key pieces i.e. a sofa, rug, and some artwork, you can prevent a room from becoming overly cluttered and thankfully, today, minimalism is something that is yearned for. Her last two suggestions somewhat tie together, “display beloved details” and “make your intentions clear”.

By showing off things that you love your guests will want to hear about those key pieces and distract them from other elements of a room that may not be as high of quality.  This will also make your home look more intentional, “make your home look as though you’re lucky enough to decorate it the way you want…”.  Bargain shopping doesn’t have to mean your home feels cheap. If done well it can look better than some of the most expensive rooms people put together.

Use simple tricks

Other designers and decorators share similar pleas to Tess. Wall Vision makes simple decorating suggestions that are easily done by anyone with a little bit of time on their hands. They suggest that details matter and a key way to make a room go from looking cheap to looking elegant is wallpaper. It’s relatively inexpensive and even comes in “plastic and pvc versions making it affordable on almost any budget”. Another focus, that is relatively economical yet can make a huge difference, is paint. They suggest using “bold and dramatic OR soft, understated hues”.  Both of these color palettes allow you to add elegance to your home.

Another repeat feature is pillows! Pillows are comfortable and can add a layered feeling to your home complementing any color scheme you choose. Being cheap when it comes to decorative features like picture frames and pillows allows you to accessorize your home in an affordable manner. Alternatively, being true to your budget when it comes to buying furniture, however, can be slightly more difficult.

PillowsRather than buying the cheapest furniture, which can potentially cost you more in the end if it is put together poorly or falls apart quicker, is to buy used, quality furniture and have it reupholstered to match your decor.  Finally, the easiest suggestion for keeping your home looking expensive is actually free! Cleaning and decluttering make a home look more high-end.  When you declutter and clean it keeps your items in better shape letting them look newer and more expensive as well as allowing other elements such as pillows, paint, lighting, and rugs to stand out!

Mydomaine.com is also a fan of the simple tricks to make your home look more expensive. Their suggestions are complementary to others in that they suggest a focus on artwork you like (personalization) but more specifically they suggest large pieces of artwork for a chic and high impact look with little hassle. My domaine mimics others in the sentiment of simplifying your space… nothing looks cheaper than clutter.

One suggestion they made that was not reoccuring is to camouflage your television. They suggest “if fancy mirrors aren’t in your budget, visually minimize the presence of your screen by creating a gallery wall or salon-style art arrangement around it” this can be done on any allotment! Like artwork, you can give your space a unique look by using interesting textiles. You can do this by covering pillows or seat cushions with antique looking textiles, adding a textural throw over the sofa or chair, or adding a rug with an unusual fabric to “inject your room with a unique element that will personalize your space”.

Know where to shop

There are a number of great bargain places to shop to cheaply revamp your home. Some top suggestions are Ikea for picture frames, H&M for pillows, and cheapestrugsonline.com.au for rugs.

To get quality furniture for cheaper prices it is proposed to check second hand stores, estate sales, and consignment shops for better quality at affordable prices. By buying used, quality furniture and having it reupholstered, you can get a “high end designer look for a fraction of the cost”.  When buying large artwork, flea markets and thrift stores often have reasonable prices. Additionally, if you’re on a real tight budget you can make your own or ask one of your creative friends for a piece that you can showcase.

By following simple tips and intentionally picking a focus and palette you can transform any room in your house cheaply to make it look more expensive than it actually is. Remember less is more so declutter and focus on large key items like a few select pieces of art, furniture, and flooring.

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