What Type of Rug Will Best Suit My Décor

What Type of Rug Will Best Suit My Décor

A rug is more than just a floor cover. It gives your room a different perspective. Rugs can also offer the creative motivation that you require to customize your living spaces. Therefore, choosing a rug is more than just going to the store and grabbing any that you set your eyes on. It is a reflection of both your lifestyle and personality. Since there is a wide range of rugs currently on the market, you should take your time to select the perfect piece for your home. Here are some factors to consider. 

Size and Location 

The colour scheme of a rug is usually the main consideration, when it comes to selecting a new rug. However, size is equally important. It will determine how the rug fits in or complements your décor. For example, a small rug placed in front of a huge sofa appears skimpy. 

On the other hand, a wall-to-wall designer rug used in a modern, minimalist space, appears too generous. Therefore, choose a rug based on a good balance between where the rug is going to be placed and what you love to see in that space. However, rug sizes differ from one room to the other.

large rug under sofa

Colours and Patterns 

Rugs can be a great way of bringing texture and colour to a boring or bland room. A rug can also act as a springboard or inspiration, for the rest of the room décor, including furniture selection, wall colour as well as accessories. Whichever decorating path you choose to follow, ensure there is a perfect balance between the rug and other elements in your room be it a round rug, runner rug or regular rectangular rug. 

Most people often start with other elements such as furniture, then buy a rug as an accessory later on. However, if you find a fabulous rug that you love, you can use it as a starting point, and use it to give your room character. 

The patterns and colours on a gorgeous rug can be the springboard for selecting wall colour, throw pillows and upholstery. When fitting a new rug into an already decorated room, ensure that the patterns on the other elements in the room don’t compete with your rug.

dog on colourful rug


Different fabrics bring different personality, feel and character. Although most people insist on natural fibers due to their superiority over their synthetic counterparts, it mainly depends on your needs and space. You should factor in issues such as ease of cleaning and foot traffic. Dining rooms and hallways require rugs that can endure muddy shoes or spilled drinks. On the other hand, living rooms and bedrooms can do with a rug less resistant to heavy traffic or wear.

black and white rug with plant

Bottom Line 

Whether your home is always full of kids over the holidays, or every member of the family has a pet, there is a perfect rug to suit all your needs. As you choose a rug, keep comfort in mind. Apart from enjoying its beauty with your eyes, your feet should also enjoy. Ensures that you position your rug where you can enjoy it to the maximum. Whether you are an eco-maven, a dog lover or an avid outdoorsman, there is a perfect rug that can complete your home. 

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