Things to think about before buying a rug

When buying a rug, there's few things to consider that may not have crossed your mind yet. These concerns both apply to online purchase and physical store bought rugs! Whilst our return rate is very low at less than 1%, the ones that do come back could have been perhaps avoided with a little planning. Let's take a look at what can be done to avoid having to return your rug.

Can your door go over the rug?

When you place a hallway runner it's great if you can open the door, walk inside, and instantly have your feet greeted by your beautiful rug. But will the rug fit under the door?

This morning we had a call from a nice lady that loved the rug she bought from us, but unfortunately the hall runner wouldn't fit under her door. This rug was 10mm high, which is fairly standard height but depending on the type of door, can be a little high for some. In cases such as these and even before ordering, it's best to take a look through our returns policy.

If a mistake such as this is made, we make pickups really easy and will collect from your door after we've sent you some paperwork to attach to the rug. In this case, it's more of a change of mind return so $29.95 will be taken out of her refund.

There's no easy fix for the door problem unfortunately, with the most we can recommend being to place something fairly heavy and flat over the rug for a couple of days but even then, the rug will most likely bounce back over time and may only serve as a temporary solution if 1-2mm will make a difference.

If you feel that there's a chance that your rug may not fit under the door, measure the gap under the door first - and then check with us to see what your options are. If the rug won't fit under the door, try for the smaller 300x80 runner sizing instead - if your hallway is long enough! 

Measure your space!

Usually the mindset of 'she'll be right' won't fix the size of a rug not fitting in a space properly. There are a lot of tricks you can use such as placing the rug under sofa feet and so on - but like with most home decoration, a bit of planning is required.

Unsure? Look at other examples online to see what others have done in setups similar to yours. Use measuring tape to create an outline of where the rug will fit and even better yet, use masking tape to create an actual outline of where the rug will be placed. This will give you a much better visual concept of what the final result is going to look like.

Take into consideration the placement of your sofa, television unit, the areas you'll be walking on the rug, and other things such as 'how far do I want the rug to extend past the sofa and fill into the next surrounding area'? 'Do I want to create a visually easy transition from one area to the next'? and so on.

Planning your rug placement is fun! So make sure you get one of the basic elements of that right - measuring it before buying.

The design of your rug

We'll keep this one a little short, as you will know more than anyone else as to which rug is right for you. The images on our website are normally quite accurate, so close your eyes and imagine - what would this rug look like in your space and how does it make you feel? Should you choose a rug colour that is similar to the theme of your room, or one that contrasts? Wool or Polypropylene? Traditional or modern? Round or Rectangle? There's a bit to consider, but you'll know when you see it.

Try to narrow down the design somewhat by using our menu at the top of the page, it will save you some time. Once a menu is chosen, you can narrow it down even further by using the submenus on the left hand side of the page.

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